These are drawings and comics of my favorite character, Gabriella, her friends and the crazy adventures that seem to find her.

Coming this Halloween! “Slender” by Jade Ring comic! Done by yours truly!
This is where I’ve been. I’ve been working hard on this comic. Its the first time I’ve worked with someone to make a comic. Its a lot of fun!

Well hello followers!

OK so there have been no comics in… a long time. In the time I’ve posted I’ve earned my Master’s degree and started a new job. Whoo!

And now my big news, Gabriella’s Sketchpad is ending. Will you miss the adventures of Gabriella, Erin, Alex and all the rest? Then don’t fret! I’m planning on creating a new comic site for Gabriella’s adventures.

I’ll keep you all posted!

Gabriella and Devin’s costumes won runner up in the Dreamkeeper’s Halloween Contest. Boo YAH!!


So I’m going to moving this week and a hurricane comes in. This sounds about right for my life.

So yeah, no comics yet. :(

Update- Finally!

To all my followers, thank you for being so patient. I’ve had a busy a month:

  • My car was vandalized, the tires where slashed and I was without a car for a weekend
  • Someone was killed pretty much outside of my house, causing my house to be cautioned taped off and monitored by police 24/7 for a whole week
  • I’ve found a new place to live
  • I got a second job
  • Still in grad school, and I’ve started the graduation paperwork
  • And now, I must begin cleaning/packing/moving

So this is why the comics have stopped, I was ready to start drawing and I hit a wall, then another wall and then things just got busy. *Sigh*

I’ve been thinking of continuing the Avatar parody with drawings and text, such as a written page of the action and a drawing or two to occupy it so you can read the story. Right now, comics are too many steps to do. I have a lot of work to do, and a short window to do it.

But this won’t always be the case! To the relaxing future filled with comics!

Comic Vacation

This is a wonderful vacation, as much as I love drawing comics we all need a break at times. If you’re wondering when the comics will start they’ll begin soon. The story will update slowly, once or twice a week until its finished. Be on the lookout for a big announcement about Gabriella’s Sketch Pad!

Taking a Vacation

Hello my loyal followers! For over one year I’ve posted three comics a week, and now I just need a break. I’ve finished a 150 hour internship, a summer class, and I go back to class full time next week. Whew! My scanner/printer is dead and I don’t feel like paying HP $30 so I can fix it as I listen to them over the phone for 2 hours. -_- *Sighs*

I don’t have much time off before class begins. Also, Gabriella’s Sketch Pad will be undergoing some major changes this winter. I’m going to take some time off and gather myself and my thoughts. I will be back with comic updates.

For now I’m going to relax a bit and the Avatar: The Last Air Bender parody will continue when I return.

Love you all!

Dani Rose

One step forward, and 2 steps back. Hang in there Nate! We’re on our way! We’re almost done with the Cheetos.
Henry has to give all new riders a hard time. When he’s an animal he kicks new riders. Heads up!
I can see my dimension from here!
Erin calls her car Henry, he doesn’t like new people and his stubbornness has made him a rhino-horse. If you’re going to visit this world you need a animal guide!
Off to the Air Nation… oh… never mind!
Also sorry for the wait, my scanner quit on me.
Uh oh… Nathan is here and in trouble, to the air nation! After a Cheetos break.